My Own Aquarium


My Own Aquarium by CheerfulChuck, 2010


If my fish could talk

What would they say

They are the ones that see me

In my unguarded and natural way

They seem to recognize me

Especially at feeding time

But what do they really think

If they only could tell me what is on their mind


If my fish look at me

What do they see

Can they tell that I am lonely

Can they see that I'm not what I should be

Or are they just watching and waiting

To see when they will get to feed

But what do they really see

Can they see that someone to love is what I really need


If my fish were not confined to a tank

Would they be happy to be free

Or would they miss my ever presents

And think about all the fun there used to be

Back when they were safe and well fed

Behind the glass of their 45 gallon kingdom

Ahhh, to dream of what a can fish see and do

When all I really need to do is break out of my own aquarium


cheerfulchuck cheerfulchuck
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Floydess, Having a fish tank is cool! You just have to change the filters every 2 weeks or so. And change about 1/3 of the water every week or so. Oh yeah, you have to trim back the plants once and a while. That's all you got to do... except FEED them everyday and if they are like my fish watch them watch you!