A Cry In Moonlight

 Save this soul. It drowns in self loathing. Swallowed by loneliness. A cold, empty heart.

Beating so rapid. Suffocating in darkness that's clearly self inflicted and tears her apart.

Why so alone and hurting so blatantly? This calculating ruthlessness, where does it stem from?

What possesses her to hide in these shadows? What makes her deny her own happiness to come?

What's lost has been left, abandoned in hollowness. Clinging so tight to the breath she exhales.

Hold to the memories and nails in the coffin. Offer sweet kisses to the rose in the hail.

Dance in the moonlight with rain falling down.

Feet sweeping wetness that graces the ground.

Entranced in the movement as tears flow so swiftly. Gather her up in the length of your arms.

Guide her to freedom while she drifts all around you. Take her to safety. Protect her from harm.

Shield her from demons, both inner and outer. Watch and make sure she stays far from the edge.

Don't pull her closer, she frightens so easily. Give to her then just your love and a pledge.

Don't leave her to suffer here, shaking in desperation. Put her together, she's frail and broken.

Carefully balance affection aimed towards her. Toss words around before they're spoken.

See how she hides and follows the shadows. Praying and kneeling to Gods too far gone.

Whispers they echo and glide to the ears of a savior in battle who sings with her song.

Patiently waiting but eager to find her. Blood on the blade of the voice sounding off.

Trailing and searching, he answers beseechingly, all in the hopes and regardless of cost.

Forfeit the gain and forget all the glory. All for the love of the one who is damned.

Death moving fluidly to rapture their hearts. This is her fate, though not what he planned.

Taking the blade from his side in the raindrops. Driving it straight through the ache in his chest

Where once beat a heart that sang for his loved one, together in Gaia, the lovers now rest.

This is the song that played off the walls of the maiden in waiting, her very last breath

Given to save the child she carried for the lovers of late who could only leave death.

A soft wail in moonlight is heard through the tower, the child, he cries for the ones that he lost.

Though not understanding the meaning of gone but he understands that regardless of cost

He must breathe for his loved one whose patiently waiting though years down the road the future will show.

For now, he'll keep crying to carry their voice and talk to clouds that the Gods only know.




HanaNoMizu HanaNoMizu
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Thank you both. It was meant to feel like it picked up pace near the end. I hope you saw what I did while writing it :D


That was a really good poem. Interesting and very visual.