Bliss And Abyss

At night I lay swollen, aching in my heart reaching for the divine.

In the morning I arise with some subtle fertility of hope that the dawn brings in sleepy hollow.

I will break through this cage of entrapment by circumstance or design.

I will piece by piece put my key together as I bleed from a clipped wing.

The fever will break soon but still deep within I feel a dull ache, even in bliss.

I love people, I love the world and I know I have faith in the human race.

Anymore I just can't keep up with the pace. I'm losing my face and I don't know what I want anymore.

I have entered through the gates to the great no-where, where nothing really matters but my soul's wealth.

heaven and hell, republicans and democrats, left or right we are stuck in a perpetual night.

Will the dawn of cooperation ever reach it's light rather than the competitive fight.

Will the morning come and bring us to our knees that we can now hear all of each other's souls.

To finally find that these holes were us not acting as one. That I am he and she is me and life can be so sweet.

Sweet as all families and friends working as one to enjoy the divine world's work as fun.

I guess I'm another dreamer, a beam gone dull from harsh weather on the soul.

I just wish this family whole.

Muzeamy Muzeamy
26-30, M
Feb 27, 2010