Why Do People Die

Why do people die

all around me every night

was I never really aware

are am I suddenly very scared

more death now than ever

maybe everyone is no longer clever

and Death has found them all.

Just today three of my friends

have lost someone dear to them

Elizabeth, Crystal and Sarah

my thoughts are with you all.

each and every week

I hear sadness and future bleak

from the hearts of those that are dear to me

If I could wipe away the pain I would

I still can't deal with the deaths I have felt

and the pain that left a welt

on my heart that wont heal itself

but I feel for you all of you I do

I will say this to the rest of you

tell everyone every day you love them

live each day like its your last

don't go to bed angry there is a chance the other

will never wake up

just fill your heart with love

this time on earth is much to long

but then it is really much too short

so fill it with your song

and enjoy the time with each other

and love them all like sisters and brothers

I am sorry for your loss

and the pain the day has cost.


MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
31-35, F
Feb 28, 2010