Looking Into My Heart.....

Looking into my heart, I wonder what you will see.
You won't see Love
and you won't see flowers.
You won't see something pretty

You will see something Dark
You will see something evil
Something so unreal
Something so cruel

You will see the real pain i feel
because I can't hide it on the inside
T can't hide if you are already looking into my heart

What is it that you want to see
What is it, do you think you will see
you won't see anything
because you can't see anything that isn't happy, and perfect

it will just be something blank
kinda like a sheet of school paper, with nothing written on it
you want to hear my life story
but i can tell you that you won't like it.

i do write my story,
i live it
and i write it
but i write in pens, so i can't erase my mistakes, and make them perfect for you

what you see if what you get
what you  find, is what i feel
you may not like what you see
but what you see, is how I feel

the pain
the evil
the hurt
the tears

its all there
i can't hide it anymore.
i can't erase what has happened
i can't pretend everything is fine

look into my heart
you are not like what you are going to see
but it is how i feel
Just look....if you dare....

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Feb 28, 2010