The Pain Within....

The pain within is what brings you pain, and what brings you hurt,

The pain you carry inside you, is what causes you to hurt.

The pain that you hide from everyone else, has a way of sneaking up on you.

The pain that you hold, is something that is going to destroy you…

The hurt, the rejection, the shock, the pain, the sadness the defeat, makes you so weak.

The wish that you could meet someone, who won’t hurt you, makes you feel very weak.

To feel the need to have someone there, is nothing something you like to feel.

But than again is something, because for so long, you just couldn’t feel.

The pain that is inside of your heart and your soul, is slowly breaking you

The loss, the hurt, the rejection, is doing nothing, but hurting you.

There comes a day when it will all finally go away….

Till than, you can just wish to go far away

The pain within is what brings you pain

If you could learn to let all the pain out

It wouldn’t feel like you are standing in the rain.

Maybe on day, it will all be out…..

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

i love all your poems. they are awesome and hold a truth of what life is about.

I like this Aly....It is full of truth and reads like a song.