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Stone Sentinel

Halcyon winds blow o'er the grass

where the tranquil plants have grown.

And there, upon the hilltop

stands the sentinel of stone.

Endlessly his eyes do search

the far and distant plains,

the mountains and the gorges.

Through sun, through wind, through rain.

Stone sentinel stands watchful,

guarding all the lives he sees.

He rejoices when they're happy,

and he mourns them when they leave.

Stone sentinel can never move

from the hill on which he stays.

For anyone with need of him

he's never far away.

But stone sentinel is tragic

For a stone is only dead.

Love, and pain, and rage and joy

locked in words he leaves unsaid.

Stone sentinel can only watch

and make sure that all is well.

His silent gaze goes on for all

as he's trapped within his shell.

Stone sentinel will guard you

even when it seems he has forgot.

Words are merely not the way

for the one who does not talk.

Stone sentinel is only strong

when he's there to watch your back

but every time you leave his sight

his heart of stone does crack.

Emptysoul30 Emptysoul30 22-25, M 4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

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Yep, this one. I searched for it just to be sure that I hadn't forgotten its name.

Wow! That was superb.

gifted wrtier - thank you for sharing

wow this is beautiful Empty! It kind of reminds me of something .... Thanks for sharing!