Currently I read poetry with the hope of writing.It all started in a card shop while thinking of a friends birthday. A small book caught my eye. It was called Cats by T.S.Eliot, the same as on Broadway. Opening I read about English cats, with very funny names and stories, each one of several. The way it was written was like nothing ever seen. The author Eliot had a rhythm in his poetry, a beat that you could clap to, words some of them never seen before. I looked them up and there they were. Eliot sort of picked the words to fit the beat of the line.Details very, very deep. Hooked, I wanted more and found the author was of stellar quality. T.S.Eliot's magic is that he is a presence in his poetry.He describes a scene in two special words. A control that you can feel in your heart. He describes fog and you look out the night window  to find it, honest I did. He introduced me to Buddhism thought. His poems must be read ten times each time you find something new. In six months i will try poetry writing experience said I have to.

go4alife go4alife
66-70, M
Feb 28, 2010