Dear Daddy

i wrote this poem a few years back and thought id sumit it


dear daddy i wish i was your princess,your angel,your little girl.

dear daddy i wish you would remeber my birthdays

dear daddy i wish you loved me like you do your beer and telavision

dear daddy i wish you and mommy would stop fighting

dear daddy i wish you would tell me you loved me,i havent heard it in years.

dear daddy would you please whipe my tears?

dear daddy why dont you tickle me anymore?

dear daddy do you hate me?

dear daddy i promise i will be my best i just want one hug

dear daddy cant you see me am i invisible?

dear daddy please stop hurting me

sarahbabydoll sarahbabydoll
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Stop it BabyDoll. You made me cry with that one. I have only sons (4), no daughters, and just finally got my first granddaughter, Noemi, 4 months now. She already owns my heart.

i my poem/story if you want...its entitled "Aren't you oh so proud now, Father?" or something like that...It is my latest story.....and honey you arent alone, **hugs** there because i thought you needed one today! (Hugs make the world go world go round) :) -Mindy

aww thats heartbreaking. awesome poem. its like me sorta