Broken Girl

i saw a girl today

in my opinion this girl was awfully pathetic

her lips were curled into a frown

she had tears dripping down

she had cuts on her arm

she enjoyed the physical harm

this girl was filled with such self doubt

she had so much hate for her self

this girl was a broken but always hid it in

she took the pain away with a bottle of gen

to feel okay she took pills

to stay skinny she skipped meals

she realized her life was a lie

in crowds she smiled

but in her mind all she wanted was to die

she wanted to be happy

she wanted perfection

i saw a girl today

it was my reflection

sarahbabydoll sarahbabydoll
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I love this...i write poetry to

Hopefully written in just one of your darker moods, Miss Doll. A beautiful poem.

It's beautiful, but very depressing. I like your work, but I truly hope you don't feel this way...because it's never fun, and you never win. You just keep falling further down, down, down, without a foothold...

i never easily understand poems.. but this one i did.. <br />
it's barely abstract.. yet amazingly constructed and the meaning just runs deep.. <br />
<br />
get mad at me if you want.. <br />
but i still say you're more than what you think you are.. . <br />
and it's never bad looking past our miseries, get better even a little and find happiness every once in while <br />
..i hope you be alright