She Left Me With A Kiss.....

She left me with a kiss

Yet broke my heart with sharp words

Simple, yet hard

Unlike anything ever heard

As fragile as the porcelain doll

That is dropped to the ground

Yet I never spoke a word

Ne'er did I make a sound

Her hair is that of gold

Her heart just as pure

The sands are running out

And no longer can I endure

My heart is tearing at the seam

Oh, how I bleed and I scream

She left me with a kiss

The porcelain doll shattered on the floor

Not even Cupid himself cloud forsee this

UnseenMisery UnseenMisery
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

What is a poem but overwhelming emotions we cant share outside of our pen and paper. thank you for both viewing and commenting <br />
<br />
XxUnseen MiseryxX