I See...........me?

I have seen the devil in an angel’s eyes

Cos I have seen my baby daughter's cries

I have seen the shadow cast by pure light

Cos I have seen my very own son in a stage of fright

I have seen the damage cast by there lies

Cos I see the scars left by my knives

I have seen the depression caused by his laughs

Cos I have been abused as if it is his craft

I have seen the hatred in that woman’s words

They speak so loud and clear “I am her curse”

I see this, I see more, and I see in the mirror……I see me

I see a torched soul a pain filled heart, but a love the whole world won’t see

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

ty you for the comments i don't think i shared what i wanted to good enough there is more there i just can't see it atm

it made me tear up........i think we all may see a lil of that when we look in the mirror.....for a mirror can tell no lies only one can liee to themselves about wat they see there

This is a sad one hedrocks. I can feel the pain in this one.