I Look Out Into The Vast


i look out into the vast

i turn to see your gaze

i want to be right next to you

in a perfect world i would hold your hand

it seems to me there

is nothing between us but air

but oh my dear there

is more than i can bear

if you really wanted me

you would come to me and save me from the cold

if it were up to me our love would burn

i would rather die than leave you alone

i see you now for what you are

you are nothing, not even a memory

in our universe where were together

we are free to love like none other

at first glance you might have been the one

but now i see your just a shmuck

you move on, you've lost nothing

im sure you'll find a better man than i

he's such a fool, i would have helped

he's given away everything, what a waste

i'm glad i saw you, you've shined a light

you deserve happiness, i deserve this cigarette
ninjaman444 ninjaman444
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

it would be useful to know that this is written from two alternating perspectives. please criticize!