Comfort By Sean

My boyfriend wrote this poem for me...about me obviously :)


I awaken facing the wall...the first few fingers of sunlight are prying through the trees outside my window to tickle and caress my face...I roll over and you are still there wrapped up in the blankets your head resting on the teddy look so serene your breath coming and going as smooth and as easy as waves on a calm beach...I slip my my left arm under the crook of your right slides deftly over your smooth skin as I wrap my arm around your stomach...feeling the warmth emanating from your stir slightly and nuzzle your face into the bear...I smile as I rest my head behind yours and inhaling the sweet smell of your hair...and I know at that moment that everything is right in my world I am safe and secure all my troubles seem to melt away...I lightly kiss the back of your head and as a calmness no drug could ever give me envelops my by body and mind I close my eyes...I whisper I love you...and as I drift off to sleep again I know today is going to be a good day....

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2010

you neer stop putting me in awe. its real yet so beautiful. gives me a sense of hope. may your love last forever<br />
<br />
sincerly XxUnseen MiseryxX


Thats beautiful Kiddo

Its beautiful<br />
Its true<br />
but it was just one moment<br />
That I hope he cherishes forever

Yeah he is.

he's a keeper