Orange Joy

Crying out for orange joy,

Waking lonely.

Waiting for my happy day

looking for your wondrous way.

Yearning for a blissful walk,

Reaping for a hope,a shout, a scream.

Sleeping in my lives

Wanting while i sit, in pain.

Change and Search

Never have meaning in me.

Asking questions leads me

to more extreme boredom.


Looking around i see and hear

You are alone too.

A difference lies in your external company.

That is what i have not got.

Not yet.

A conclusion;a solution.

My heart is not within anymore.

Lost, it sleeps in someone elses aura.

Not being realised nor recognised.

Wasted on something that will never respond.


Crying out for orange joy,

Someday may i have a little boy.

It will come but not this soon.

Handle with care

Fragile is my spirit and

I will take no more ignorant attitude.

For i am a human with soul and love.

Only orange joy can wake me up.

zoso77 zoso77
31-35, F
Mar 3, 2010