Everywhere We Go

Where have you gone?

Are you having any fun?

It's pretty boring here back at home

Life isn't the same and we want you to know

Some days we can make it

But some days we just don't know

All it will take is a song or a word

To make the tears well up

And our hearts sink so low

Do us a favor

And protect those we know

Show them the "lucky" ones still have pain that moves so slow

Our daily lives have changed now

There is a lot left to do

It gives us more time to think

About how we miss all of you

We know the day will come

When we will see you all again

But please we ask stay with us until the end

Make sure that your are watching

And make sure somehow we know

That you are right there beside us

Everywhere we go

tabbikat tabbikat
26-30, F
Mar 3, 2010