Who Is An Artist?

 Who is an artist in this world?

Who creates what is memorable,

What is new and relished,

What is looked upon as true beauty?

Those artists who used the wrong technique,

Who went against the flow

And mom and pop still stood behind

They sang all wrong, with tension in their face

All scrunched up and wrinkled foreheads

And created the most memorable moments of all

Their teachers, experts, shook their head

While millions at home smiled and were touched

And the earth remaining, revolving was changed only

For a moment or for a lifetime

Or for one


The great perfection of art can hardly be achieved

Only talent can be developed, and even that is never

Achieved without much regret because sometimes

Talent is perhaps

The most subjective


Always occurring

And revolving

Around itself

mgnwilhelm mgnwilhelm
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

I believe so too, I also believe though, that art doesn't need to be defined by man, but by itself. Does that make sense? That was kind of the point of the poem. :-)