Coming Of Age

 This is the last poem that I am dieing to share with the world at the moment.



This City of dreams has

Beauty, only in its peoples

And where we walk next

Will be the city of wisdom


Shades of the dream

Left under trees of lost hope

That one would actually find

The companion for their heart


And one who feels their innocence

Lost with the passing of the leaves

Filling up with their hearts

Longing, for past and future


Never living in the present

Never stopping for the moment

To look at what is truly a need

And giving in to the world that moves


Slowly forward,

Never ending,


Setting backward.


Remember Yesterday? When what it took

To be happy was just to simply sing

Gaily the tidings of tomorrows breath

Upon wings of edged snow.

mgnwilhelm mgnwilhelm
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010