Agitated State Of Mind.

Darkness, darkness, all around,

engulfing the light from blind eyes.

Careful, careful, before I'm bound;

prisoner to a desolate state that cries.

"Run, run, try to escape;

no time to think, no time to hide.

Cry, cry, the words won't take shape,

for in this swarthy blanket only you subside."

Help, help, drowning in my own thoughts,

heard the ear withers, the heart breaks.

Collapse, collapse, my body aches;

torn, beaten with words snake's.

Darkness, darkness, fight it away;

fists hit oblivion with deafening sound.

Careful, careful, cacophany led astray;

it is not all evil which surround.



I'm not having a good night; I couldn't sleep. Took 10 minutes and wrote, and, I have to admit, I'm feeling better. =]

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Very well written,thank you :-)