Poem About Abuse....no Title Though....

The creaking of the door.

Fear explodes within.

Clothes falling to the floor.

The deceitful games begin.

Evil in the eyes.

Poison in every touch.

No choice but to comply.

Tightening of the clutch.

Faithfully tied and bound.

Hands continue to stray.

Too scared to make a sound.

Innocence ripped away.

Body writhes in pain.

Shaking with the fear.

A heart filled with shame.

Crying invisible tears.

Lying there in silence.

Clothes picked up off the floor.

Echoed threats of violence.

The closing of the door.

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

i've experience this when i was 9, and this poem expressed exactly my feelings. im so sorry to hear you have experience such a tragic event as this as well. if you need to talk, im here.

Deep. emotion reigned throught my while reading this poem.....or shall i say dreadful experience.

This is an amazing poem. You are a great writer though i hope that you don't experience this.