Had To Write These For English Class...


Ode to Politicians

Ode to the politicians who tell many lies

Glorious are they whom everyone despises!

They slyly weasel into leadership

With their ideas they help our country tip

We may be poor now, but that’s okay

For all of our losses, the politicians gain!

Hooray for their two-facedness, thank God for their skill

They can achieve most anything with their deceptive will

Politicians appear to be wise beyond age

And we become their puppets on a stage

Don’t you love, dear Americans, to be suspect to games?

And while we suffer, they rise in fame!

Politicians always get their own way

Bless the politicians, this I pray!

Outstanding are they in superior rankings

And all our savings they are banking!

How wonderful, then are these men!

Sacrificing nearly nothing, amen!

I personally hold them in high respects

And love them in every aspect

Some say politicians only make mistakes

But I believe there are none for them to make

Many call them lousy, but this isn’t true

So if you think this way, bid your thoughts adieu!

For these fine men founded things like taxes

That help them gain riches and help them relax

These geniuses also invented health care

Which no one really wants, but it is there.

 I hope after reading this gracious recognition

You might feel a bit better about politicians.


The Sea Storm


The ship swayed and sailed over the silver sea,

The majestic sails flew free in the frosty breeze.

The captain felt the storm a’ brewing

In his heart, well knowing

Could he have finally traveled his last?

The storm was coming fast

Swiftly it attacked!

The skies turned a cold, hard black

The helmsman straightened the ship

On the wheel he strengthened his grip

Crewmen hastened to secure the sails

Younger ones grabbed buckets and pails

The old sea sailor seemed to know

Of all the storms he’d seen, this one might make him go.

Raging, the white walls of water rolled and rose

Crashing onto the deck with many blows

Quickly men tried to push out the water

But the waves kept crashing even harder

The captain thought of his family

And his wife he never again would see

For in the distance rolled a wave

And upon the ship gave a giant heave

Almost toppling, the ship up-righted

But alas, another wave was sighted!

This one gave no mercy at all

And with a final blow of the bitter brawl

Flipped the gallant ship around

And sinking through the water, down

Below the icy cold wetness

Sinking down to the abyss

Leaving no trace above the water

Of anything from the dreadful slaughter

The cowardly ocean to attack this way

And send brave men to an early grave

How will their families be informed?

What will they feel as they mourn?

The deaths of these men we will not forget

As they lie in their graves, cold and wet.


(Sorry, I don't think they're very good... :P)

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Mar 4, 2010