I'm Sorry

Mom i'm sorry for who the fcuk i am i can't trust my friends cause they're all like boomarangs, i could have with them but they turn against me, you put me in a world of vipers and i keep tryin not for them to bite me, i know you see me as your failure son and if i could i would replace myself with a better one, cause i know i can;t make you happy, thats why i gave up. i just wonder if you even know wat kind of person i am, did you take the time find out or did you just choose not to understand. i am sorry that your mad and if hating me makes you feel better then i am glad.

ajalawallace ajalawallace
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

It seems that ur mom has some self insecurites about her self too make her own Heaven sent blessing from above this way and I am sorry that u feel this way, but u know u are specail and I am also so glad too see more people stepping up into this mean and big world to talk about things that are bothering them, u know that is the first step to being able to grow into a man and that having a support system is great, u need someone to talk too let me know by private message ty.