Just A Vent Session....sorry Its Not What I Normally Write

I look outside of the window

The rain falls down

Oh, only if I could escape

No one could see me cry

I could blend in

But I am a prisoner of my own personal Hell

I look around realizing where I am

Now conscious of the yelling, the screaming

The tear soaked pillow lying at my feet

The blood soaked rag lying on my bed

The holes in the wall

Prove where I fall

Where I am defeated

By the conceited bastard that controls me

Let the tears fall like the rain

That falls lightly into the sea

And let the blood seep thru

Like the emotions within me

This is not a poem

But a message that will never be sent

UnseenMisery UnseenMisery
18-21, M
Mar 6, 2010