Re: Finding The Power That Is Woman

A  tide can not be held back forever, and from the gates of hell she will abound.... for she brings forth with her a torrent, a wave of destruction so desolate that not even the cockroaches that walk upon this earth will know a burrow.

From the fire that burns within her she will light all that stands in her way, the very walls of your foundation will be shaken to its core. She has mastered what is feared by many, with her she carries the four winds of the earth. The elders will not save you , your wise men and council, they will not serve you,, and just as the branch of a sapling will snap ,so you will under the immense weight and depth of her soul, and it will fill time and space, and the shear expanse of what you know will cease to exist.

Your pain and the suffering will be equal to that of Hades and Sheol themselves for your heart is numb and the days of you are numbered, I find you lacking, I find you wanting and your very your soul is but eaten, diseased, weak impoverished and incomplete.


Copywrite of SPerkins


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Wow... Very nice :)