Re: Visit With A Sharman...........

From the depths of my soul I have cried like there is no tomorrow,

I have been drenched in sunlight but still stood in darkness.

By nightfall I beseech you, as one who has lost her way.

From the belly of hell I sit, while you stand in silence.

The tears pour from my eyes and my head begins to thump

I cant understand what has happened,? Why cant I see you?

why cant I hear you? Why have you abandoned me so?

Hours seem like days and still all the more frustrated

I look in the mirror my soul is tired but there seems no end.

The walls begin to move as if they are falling in

There is no space I cant breath ……..

All I can do is now journey within

As I concentrate on breath.. singing myself a little song

I get lost as the trees begin to whisper.

The very ground begins to rumble as if to grab my attention

I sit as someone who may have never open her eyes before.

Nature talks its meaningful chatter the mantra begins rise.

To lift the darkness one must leave the ego,

To lift the darkness see in love.

To lift the darkness take time for you

To lift the darkness be still long enough to hear us.


In the distance I see a man walking very purposefully

Drawing ever closer I see a Sharman, carrying the books of time

His silver hair hangs to his shoulders and in his hand he holds a staff

His face tells the story of many roads travelled.

A man of pure magic!

I feel as if I’m in a trance I cant help but look inside him

I feel him pull my soul and cut my busy cords

He shows me walking around in circles but never on my own..

He leaves this playing like one bad record.

He puts his hand in his bag he pulls out some magic stones

The throws them to the ground and they cast a circle

He starts to chant, calling the winged creatures of the sky.

He says: Alla maya far yemina ha go *** en for my ha

He lifts his face heaven ward and calls a raven to my side, saying:

“As long as the raven is here you will never look back

The Raven is your mirror image the beginning of something new

Allow him to teach you the true meaning of yourself

Allow him to show you the true power in which you posses

The raven is here as symbolism of your willingness to change

Take courage take hold be inspired your hard work has not gone unnoticed

But most of all when you loose your way call your raven

As he is the beckon of light for your truth, there you will find your wisdom.


My eyes well with tears and but I feel totally filled with love

The old man gets up and starts to walk away, chanting as he closes the worlds behind him

As he disappears he said Kala ah sha om taea coo bie fe maya tem rah, halla buk rata oui ya eishi.............Meaning your journey isn’t over, you always had what you needed, but you blocked it as it wasn’t how you wanted it, see the raven see the truth. We love you and peace be with you forever and ever shalom.


Copy write


Destinystar Destinystar
31-35, F
Mar 6, 2010