The Poem

I'll tell you this, it must be true

that i, with all my heart love you

Guess what, this is me

It's taken so long for you to see

Just who i am, this is my life

And if you want me as your wife

You better see that im shattered

torn between you and it matters

I care for him, this much is true

but babe you know that i love you

It's been so quiet, silence so loud

And even though i know i vowed

to marry you, its hard for me

this future is so hard to see

I had this vision, of my life

Where i would grow and be your wife

But it's gone, like smoke

And before carving names in oak

We better talk, think this thing through

And even though i love you

I do not know if this can be

because you truely do not know me

And its hard to say, that quiet goodbye

As if a part of me will die

But i know that you will grow

and find another as you go

you'll find love again, its true

but for right now, say 'i love you'

And hold me close, while you will

wipe my tears while i plan to kill

our love, and i will cry

with my tears, our love shall die

and lie shattered on the floor

and you in anger will close the door

I'm sorry love, but you probably wont see

that i'm not thinking of just me

I think of him, as well as you

and all the things that i can do.

I'm broken and crying, i don't know what to say

And every minute of every day

is spent waiting for a sign

as if something divine

could tell me what to do

to stay with you?

Or to leave you behind

as if something better i may find,

like one who will trust me

and then maybe i will see

but until then i am shattered

torn between you two and it really matters

For what i do decides my life

so shall i stay and be your wife

or run away and be free

but until a choice is made i will see

and watch for a sign

from something devine

to choose my way.

CyanideKisses CyanideKisses
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010