A Very Silly Poem About Suicide

“Good evening,” said the bullet to the brain

The brain was snobbishly silent.

“How rude,” said the bullet

Wiping skull from his eyes and flying on


“Hey, buddy, how you been?” said the tree to the car

When they bumped into each other

“Hey, man, **** this new chick of mine,

She redid my pad in red and grey matter.”


“I think I might be dying,” said the pill

“Oh, that’s a downer,” replied the acid

“That’s a pun,” said the pill

And died.


“Hey,” said the mouse to the cat

“Bet you can’t kill me.”

“Hey,” said the god to the toy,

“Bet you I can,”

And snapped its neck

TimeAfterTime TimeAfterTime
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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Really interesting. The pat of the cat and the mouse remembers me a song of Anni di Franco:<br />
I’m going to do my best swan dive<br />
Into shark infested waters<br />
I’m going to pull out my tampon<br />
And start splashing around<br />
<br />
Somewhat, in every suicide there's a bet against someone or something, is'n it?