The Use Of The Word Pterodactyl....

In a deep and dank Jurassic swamp lived Cyril,

all alone apart from the odd passing pterodactyl.

No one would ever invite him for a game of cribbage,

day in day out he sat in mud and chewed cabbage.

One night he saw a bright light, he was overjoyed!

Hang on, oh heck... it's a big as-ter-oid!!


I did it !!!!!!

Sean8342 Sean8342
41-45, M
5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Thank you miss *wiggle wiggle*

Good job! Lol

Hmmmmm not sure it's a good idea to hug pterodactyls, you'll never play the piano again.........

Oh! my!<br />
This is most desperate....poor Cyril.<br />
He needs a hug. :)

It made me cry..... where do I get a chair?