This is about someone I fell in love with not too long ago, but also about always giving everything of yourself to friends and family, even when there's nothing left to give. And even when everything inside you is broken and worn and there is nothing left but a little piece, you give that away as well. 

I’m the independent one

And I don’t need anyone

But I seem to have forgotten

And that feeling now seems gone

And no matter what I do,

And I wish it wasn’t true,

But I feel it every moment,

That my heart burns for you

And in the ashes I shall find

The little piece that’s left behind

In that moment, in that place

You will still be on my mind

And I wish it was okay

You could go and I could stay

And it wouldn’t hurt my heart

But it will not be that way

 Now I’m lying in my bed

Body shaking and eyes red

Can’t stop crying over all

That we could but never had.

Echo1989 Echo1989
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2010