Time Wont Stop

wont time, just stop or rewind

cool its paces ive already

lost all the races

cant we, go back to the beginning

catch our breath and try again

i beleive in second chances

but time is a cruel master

caught me by the throat

laughs as it goes faster

all i can do is feel the stitch in my side

why cant time

just stop or rewind, cool its paces

smell the roses and coffee

i see the finish line and im not ready

but im holding the hands of time and its

dragging me along closer to the end

no redues or chances to make amends

i guess time wont stop or rewind

wont cool its paces

ive lost the races, theres more to come

and im not ready


blueyes64 blueyes64
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010