Poets And Painters

The canvas is a simple platitude,

containing colors yet to be construed.

The painter can perceive with clarity,

an unborn masterpiece with attitude.

Artistic tendrils of tenacity,

reach out with brush strokes of audacity.

The canvas soon becomes a masterpiece,

with colors, love - and personality.

Like painters; poets also need release,

their pensive passion plainly will not cease.

Portraying thoughts with prose and paraphrase,

they pen their art with radiant caprice.

I lift my glass to artists that amaze,

and wield their quills and brushes in a blaze,

for they’re the ones who live a life renewed

and bless our lives with their artistic ways.

suzzie1107 suzzie1107
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

yay. Good one.