Nothing To Lose And Nothing To Gain-thoughts Of A Burried Corpse

cant understand the cost, cant understand the pain. i feel the energy drain, my vision doubles.-a second me, perhaps the real me, wonders how i feel, how i cope. in my heart, in my thoughts, sending myself sympathy, affection, encouragement. the other me, cant comprehend just how sad it must be. my heart goes out to me. am always with me. cant lose me ,cant gain the other me.

this is not the ending for strength-from darkness into the light. uncharted dreams. half the price for twice the cost. fifty million years before my soul came here-i was complete with joys and genuine fears. hills rose peacefully above the sun bleached plains.all those long gone. nothing can be more peaceful. nothing more to gain. surely nothing more to lose.

hatikvah hatikvah
22-25, M
Mar 9, 2010