Yoni-sleight Of Hand And Twist Of Fate-tears From The Rabbi

even in a crowded room, it taunts, moving back and forth. traveling down an empty road filled with nothing but despair. just a barren road, a barren soul yearning to be released form the dark dungeons-from the ribbon of darkness that stretches out to nowhere. reflecting on the ones i have lost,-bitter sad truth. though i will never see them again, their memories linger on. my heart-hollow and cold.

where are those arms that comfort? nowhere. only the drink that is the anesthetic that has been abused. asleep but always awake, free but always in chains.

the thought come to destroy me-treacherous. i chase your phantom on the air. i fall weep and stumble pitifully.-sleight of hand and twist of fate-yoni bn hatikvah

hatikvah hatikvah
22-25, M
Mar 9, 2010