Yoni-thoughts Of A Dying Monk

Two doors stand before me,-maybe just in my head. a glass of my favorite tipple in my shaky palm

two paths, two roads, are they behind me or ahead? smoked out lungs, a dilapidated liver. swollen spleen

I made these choices long ago or did they make me?

finding myself among the lost, living a lifetime and not a moment passing.

am i doomed to fail the passing test of time? immune to hidden moments.-i am light years away. staring into the computer's dull haze.

Maybe it’s the heat of this sultry summer wafting in the open window and fighting the slowly spinning fan

for dominion over the empty room. maybe its my brain bleeding from the inside.

maybe its the memories, a portrait in my head-drained in hue Adding haze to my specificity, the green twinge of memory sending back imagined reflections of different choices a doubling of vision.

hatikvah hatikvah
22-25, M
Mar 9, 2010