This Is Just Some Silly One I Wrote When I Broke Up With A Longtime Gf (who Is A ***** By The Way)


It’s not Goodbye


I do feel sad, though I won’t cry.

Cause now it seems time to say goodbye.

Goodbye is such an ugly word.

I will not use it, it won't be heard.


We will carry on our lives like we usually do.

With memories of what was: me and you.

But know that forever, though we are apart.

You’ll always have a place inside my heart.


The time we shared is special and cherished.

The love we shared, I say is not perished.

I loved you my dear, I do love you still.

I love you my darling, always have, always will.


I know that what we had was a great gift for us both.

And in our relationship has been both pain and growth.

Our time is now up; it looks like it’s through.

But I will always remember what was: Me and You.


So goodbye is the wrong word, it doesn’t quite fit.

We don’t have tears, or sadness. Not one little bit.

So I won’t say goodbye; because it’s not the end.

See ya later my Love, Catch ya later my friend.

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Mar 9, 2010