Once Again

Once again a sleepless night

I'm still up to watch the sky turn bright

i don't mind the rising sun

In fact, watching it is kind of fun

the sky is blue, purple and pink

In 12 more hours i'll watch it sink

as night to day as day to night

another sleepless 48 is in my sight

too early to leave and to late to sleep

looks like tonight contains no sheep

i'll try and stay awake today

but i know in class i'll doze away

Learning my z's instead of math

it drives me to be on this path

The path that keeps my insomnia alive

is my curiousity to find stuff to buy

I snoop around looking for a deal

while i sit on my butt and eat a meal

Time to watch the sun rise

as i finish this poem and say good bye

itchywords itchywords
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I predicted the future!! i deff fell asleep in math class today