Graveyard Of The Hopefull

These stained walls
And white lab coats
Their PHD's
And professional advice
How are these meant to comfort me
Screams and shouts
Tears and scares
Are are all that is gained
When you enter these hallowed halls
You sit in plastic chairs
As the ones you love
Go under knife and needle
In a desperate attempt
To extend their lives
For just that little bit longer
Why is such a mornfull place
So full of looks of hope
Deluded and niave
They pace back and forth
As every nurse who passes
Is hailed with questions
And those who ask
Are never given answers
The best we can do
In this graveyard of the hopefull
Is to say our final "I love you"
And expect the worst
If you mean your final last words
Then you already know
That love
Is watching someone die

Dale innes Wylde Hughes ©

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Heregoesnothing1 Heregoesnothing1
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010