In Lost Reason

 Softly winds blow the gates open


Gently the breeze picks up autumn leaves

My heart possesses my body

And wills my soul through

Through the window, magic of hope

A daisy in my hand

As that smile was uncanned.


Love's heart doth

For earth our eyes sought

Brush away the sand

By sweet Pacific's band

Standing on iron

soaring to air, all hell burned

But that moment the Ivy spotted

That's when you turned and only one hand gripped.


The sun told me about that one

But truth had already been given

Hope in heart

But as my ears heard, all faith was torn apart.


Return! The ocean tides...

On my behalf, earth begs

It's strong! An unending cloth

But just all in all,

we understand not 

 just what loves heart doth

Lexxis Lexxis
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

thanx! ;) XxoO!

Thank you. This is a special poem to me...XxoO!

Almost magical, the way you wrote it! i especially liked lines 5-7, and the last line

...Thanx!<br />
Thank you!<br />
am glad u like it.<br />

wow this is great!!!!!