Infidelity and The flaw in my creation


She slit his wrists and bled him dry.
Cleansing him with every drop.
She tore his flesh with every cry.
Cutting deeper, though he begged her to stop.

Her revenge was his curse.
For his infidelity he will die.
His heart for hers.
An eye for an eye.

She watched as he bled.
A fate sealed in hell.
Her love is dead.
Its time to say farewell.

The crimson tide erased the shore.
The walls all painted red.
Her broken heart will beat no more.
It’s as empty as his head.


The flaw in my creation


Inside of me

A heart is beating.

The sound could deafen my ears.

No more of me

An illusion of life.

An affirmation of my fears.

The pain in me

Is so serrated.

Your words cut deep into my soul.

Your love for me

Sadistic measures

I can never make you whole.

You’re killing me

By suffocation.

My scabbed wings yearn to fly.

You lie to me

I was unwanted.

I’m alive but wonder why.

You’re apart of me

As I am of you.

Reflecting like chalk and cheese.

I am only me

There’s nothing you can do.

You’re the one I can never please!


Dariah Dariah
22-25, F
8 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Very beautiful and dark. thank you

lovely work Dariah... as a songwriter, I wish I had the ability to capture feelings at that depth. You rock, girl!

I wrote both of these years ago during high school. I believe my style of writing has changed just a bit, but I do hope it's for the better. I try not to write such dark poetry anymore. People think I'm depressed and suicidal! <br />
<br />
When I wrote these it came from a dark place in my mind. I wasn't necessarily depressed or angry at the time. I draw inspiration from many things and I seldom write about my own experiences. Rather my perception of things.<br />
<br />
Don't be afraid to ask me anything.

it made me cry cause i relate to both of the poems

It reminds me of my own writing.<br />
<br />
can i ask you something tho

Thanks! If you like my poetry, why not add me and read my blogs and stories.<br />
<br />
I would be quite happy knowing that something I wrote made someone smile today! :)

Very very deep poetry! I look forward to read more of your work.<br />

I dont know what to say. I can relate to both of the poems