You can take ideas from this poem but all my poems are copywrited. this is the first poem i've written.


Every night as i fall asleep

my unconcious spirit dances

weaving a web in my mind -

a web of silky thread, glistening, oh so slightly.


I have always wondered about my dreams

what are they? their reason?

Do they show my future or past?

a bridge between body and mind?


As i sleep, my soul awakens

sewing elaborate scenes

with shreds of wishes and dreams

recollecting forgotton memories.


I have tried to decipher my dreams

what is my soul trying to tell me?

my questions are still unanswered

and i will set out to find them

on a journey through my mind.

LonelySoulForever LonelySoulForever
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

thank you

Wow. I could really picture this in my mind as i read. Great job!