You can take ideas from this poem but all my poems are copywrited. this is the first poem i've written.

What is a childhood?

A time when nobody hurt you

when no one turned out the light

and argued with someone else all night.

The bad man coming up your stairs?

just a movie; no worries,

nobody shut you in and locked the door.


Nobody forced you into decisions

nobody made you fake a smile

nobody left an emotional scar

on your small, dependant heart.

Nobody left you alone in the rain

or left you, frightened, in the storm

and no one ignored you endless questions.


Nobody treated you as you shouldn't

nobody led you astray

they encouraged you to aim high

you were told never to talk to strangers.

Nobody hurt you or betrayed your trust

nobody made you feel worthless

nobody made you feel unloved.


LonelySoulForever LonelySoulForever
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010


Beautiful. I loved the way it was set up :)