Shower Cleaning My Tears

Tears falling down my face

as I step into the shower

I cry and cry, as the water hits my face

The only place I can let the pain out, is in the shower

The shower washes the tears away

I wish the hot shower, could take the pain away.

Tears is all I know right now

Pain is all I feel right now.

I want it all to come to a stop

I want the hurt and the tears to just stop.

The shower is cleaning my tears,

The shower is helping me hide my tears

I wish the shower could clean my pain

or better yet, wish the shower will just take away my pain.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Aly -<br />
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Intense - it magnifies the pain so clearly ... very cathartic - good job! love, Lawrence

I can feel your anguish in this Aly. It's good to let it out of you.