Its Not Me, Its You

I lie awake at night looking deeply in the dark, wondering where you are. If you're at home wondering the same, or with some drunk girl hitting up the bar. The lonely whip strikes me, but I don't feel its sting, my head is aching but that is the only pain it may bring. I don't feel hindered by your scandals, or shot in the back by your lies, a smile spreads across my face because I know you're meant for the flies.
And if one day I do feel that blow that hit so clearly below the belt, I'll remember that you miss me so much, when you think of my brown eyes your heart instantly melts. So I've got you under my spell, you're now a puddle of warm goo, I walked all over you, bad thing is, now you're stuck to my the bottom of my favorite shoe.
What a shame, what a waste of money, once I ******** off your layers I found out you're no good anymore honey. So I'll say good bye, and give you a kiss, remember the tastes and the touch you'll always miss.
teenagereck777 teenagereck777
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010