The Cop And The Dodo

     ya see da smoke comin' out me window

     i see ya blue lights time to pull over

     ya gonna make this bust with the greatest of ease

     when you see me,my eyes are red and squinted like Chinese

     ya shine ya torch but not for long

     on my passenger seat you've revealed my bong

     you also suspect that i may have been drinking

     half a six pack at me feet an empty i use as i'm leaking

     and this is where it gets easier for you

     i forgot you there grabbed my needle and started to use

     you drag me out my car kickin' n' scremin'

     i then offer you a head job but your not takin'

     from the trunk you hear a loud bang, ***** used her head

     how da duck that happen the ***** supposed to be dead

     ya turn me around look down ya now in shock

     that ain't me **** that's up just me glock

     ya realize this then laugh get on ya radio

     for what i got busted for i'll be extinct like a bird called dodo


hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
Mar 12, 2010