Broken Chain

She really had me going,

She almost had me believing,

My stress rattled my veins throughout,

Sending my body clinking around the room,

Fear of what may happen,

Slapping my eyebrows until they stung and screamed,


Then, her anger burst outward,

Words shooting across the screen,

Attacking my eyes,

Attacking my mind,

Attacking my heart,

Sarcasm and hatred colliding against my soul,


The tears turned to sobs,

As her words made my skin stretch tight from crawling,

And the invisible dirt quickly covered my every inch,

Dirt that not even three scorching showers could wash away,

Dirt that had found it's way deep into my pores,

Where it seeped into my bloodstream and into my mind,


She woke up the demons inside,

She broke the chain around the monster's neck,

And released him into my paradise of forgotten nightmares,

She brought wave after wave of memories,

That were once held back by a strong smile and bellowing laughter,

She brought the night crashing down upon my sunlight,


Then, asked me why I couldn't love her.

concreteardrop concreteardrop
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Your words strike-then caress-love me and hate me all at once.You are very gifted,as a poet-as as a writer-and a seere.You are very rare-you can make words take flight--then shoot down an adversary in mid-flight--causing them to crash into rocky cliff's,and burst into flames.<br />
You've got the gift-and no-one can ever take that away from you.<br />
From one spirit soldier to another.-always know--you are not alone!!