Even in the blackest night

I can ee the stars.

Shining out

Through swirling clouds of space dust

Hovering in an a pool of squids Ink


Sometimes I quite enjoy the darkness

For the stars do not shine in the sun

Daylight masks thier beauty

Thier mystery

Thier grace


Although I welcome the sun

And  its warm soothing rays

The cosmos will always wish for the night,

For the sun does not twinkle.

It imposes.

Demanding your attention

But stars...

They are heavens Diamonds

Swirling in a bowl of Squids Ink

OpheliaIncarnate OpheliaIncarnate
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 13, 2010


Oh but to see the stars again. In the city all one can see is the moon through dirty smog. Count your self lucky to see them twinkle.