When I'm Frightened...

When I'm frightened, you clasp my hand.

When I'm sad, you wipe my tears.

When I'm nervous, you reassure me.

When I'm lost, you always find me.

When I'm in the dark, you hold me.

You are the mid-day sun, beaming on my face.

You are the tranquil sea, whispering your secrets.

You are the stars at night, glowing and beautiful.

You are the summer breeze, calm and peaceful.

You are the daffodils in spring, cheerful and vibrant.

When I'm frightened, you remind me of this beauty; how it is free to everyone.

When I'm frightened, you never leave me.

When I'm frightened, you place a smile upon my face...

You are the life and imagination within me.

I can shut my eyes and drift off to sleep.

AngelofPink AngelofPink
22-25, F
12 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I'm so happy I wrote that. It's true inner strength.

Exquisitely beautiful. It is what I once had...but is no more....I long for this kind of love again.

I hope you find it again.

Thanks for helping us seek and find our inner strength.

thanks for liking my poem, glad you appreciate :)

I think poetry allows you to express thoughts you maybe didn't know you had. Thanks, glad you like it! ^-^

This is really beautiful. I'm glad you have such an inspiration.

thanks =)

Beautiful. :]

thanku for this poem..

i like this a lot . love poetry and the power it holds. thankyou .

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! When you first read this, you may have thought I was talking about a friend or boyfriend. But I was merely explaining how a positive mind and imagination can be so helpful, even in the worst times.

cheers! ^-^

this is beautiful

Fabulous poem, Angel! Even better when I read it aloud. It reads like blank verse, but has some lovely rhythms and internal rhymes. And the images you create are heart-warmingly positive.