Old Photographs

Black and white and sepia photos

peeled, distressed and faded over time.

I see that you are looking back at me

a child with bright eyes and glowing apple cheeks.

Your smile so sweet, forgotton like the summer breeze.

Your time came too early,  for to you to see the things I've seen.

I've seen shooting stars, catching them with my eyes as they fell.

Travelled on dusty roads, filled with torn rubble and golden trails.

Met the most amazing people in the most unlikely places.

Ridden on horseback faster than my heart could gallop.

Snowboarded down vanillia coned slopes.

Sailed on glittering lakes to tiny islands, with fish of every colour.

I kiss these cherished dreams 

that you gave me, before I even began to speak

and before I knew my own heart.



sunnysundaymorning sunnysundaymorning
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2010