Bruised Ego

More sure of a connection than anything else

Brown eyes met hazel and something flashed between

Something potent, something... locked in my mind forever

It cannot be that I imagined a bond so intimate.


The first too short, a second is my plea

For how could I ever forget what brown eyes did to me

Searching, hoping, rare as diamonds or a perfect day

Patiently waiting; in the land of hopes and dreams I stay


Nothing in my life ever touched me so deep

Those brown eyes that day swept me off my feet

My complaint is that the vision passed too quickly

And I find myself wishing that she had looked at me more fully


Another chance encounter

An opportunity has been given

But hollow eyes look back at me

I have been forgotten


The reason for my existence, my plight, my bane

I am nothing more. Like the others, just the same

But for me she was not and now I must retreat

As visions of anger pass and my restraint is a feat


For my ego is bruised and I find it hard to say

That the girl of my dreams, she just pushed me away

Retreat is best, never falter, no more, never again

For my ego can’t take it; for my sanity this is the end.


Mandie211 Mandie211
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010