Life's Pathway

 Your first breath of life, a path has been laid.

Is it pre ordained or is it man made?

So small, so dependant, is it luck or fate?

Whose family you add too, I’m guessing its fate.


The purity, the innocence, through childhood we travel,

Can easily be taken and from there on unravel.

Condemned to a monster, atrocities unseen,

A child is born that should never have been.


Life’s path has been laid, no way to re-pave,

It goes with you, away to the grave.

But wait, but wait, is this really so?

Can things change as you age and grow?


Gain friends, experiences and memories each day,

Follow life’s pathway, is it straight?  “No way”.

Make a new life, leave the old behind,

For there are new beginnings, a life to find.

jancro34 jancro34
36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Thank you very much for looking, I appreciate your comment.

I wish I was as good as you, keep writing.

thank you.... Well i will have a look at out of curiosity.. if we do pick our own parents then ive only myself to blame for having really bad ones.<br />
Thank you for your comment..

COOL stuff. Pre-ordained or man-made. I lilke it. Have you ever read about what the Hindu religion believes? They think that you pick your parents out in the spirit world, after a series of self-manifested afterlife awakenings.